A beautiful complicity between artists

 "Skin" exhibition on display until November 18 

At the opening of their exhibition "Skin" on October 25th, Nathalie Coutou and Iris Kiewiet described the deep connection that they felt during their creative process.

One of Nathalie's canvasses depicts a dream she made.  It shows a village and a river in which she is giving to drink to White Wolfe, the guardian of the fire. After finishing it, she sent a picture of the painting to Iris, who answered that all was now making sense because she had used an unusual palette to represent a village, a river and a woman in the water with a fish. The two artists had channeled each other.

Nathalie explained that the beat of the drum represents the Earth's heartbeat and that there should be one in each home. That's what an aboriginal visitor to her shop explained to her.

The numerous visitors were charmed by the artists' presentation...

and their beautiful paintings.


Nathalie and Iris invite you to come and enjoy their exhibition full of symbolism.