IRONically yours!

Showing until October 21

Happy Halloween!

Who would have thought that simple irons could turn into a cat, a lunch box or a pumpkin? One thing is certain, the whimsical sculptures of Anne-Marie Sirois continue to enchant the visitors of La Fab. Comments are unanimous!

" What a delight! "

"You brightened my day! "

"An overflowing imagination! "

"I'll come back with my grandchildren, it's the perfect show to introduce them to the arts.

The artist herself says she takes great pleasure in creating her sculptures that often require the help of experts in metal processing. "If at first, I asked people around me and visited flea markets for my raw material, irons are now waiting for me at the door when I get to my studio." Anne-Marie has a studio at the Aberdeen Community Center in Moncton, which, according to the artist, is very similar to La Fab in its creative and warm atmosphere.

A few pictures of the vernissage:

Anne-Marie Sirois with Caryl Green, mayor of Chelsea

Allo? Sorry the iron is busy.

Little ones and grown-ups...

were delighted by the whimsical sculptures.

Anne-Marie signing her book "Ironic Irons" ...

for the pleasure of visitors

Anne-Marie explaining her approach...

to a captivated public

A few more original and fun creations :

The lunch box

The divorce gift

The pencil case 

The ceramic iron

The cat

The spring iron 


                                IRONically yours,