Members' Exhibition "Art in songs at La Fab"

From May 31 to June 24, 2018

VERNISSAGE: Thursday May 31st, 5pm to 9pm

Like a phoenix, La Fab Arts Centre in Old Chelsea is reborn from the havoc created by December’s burst pipes. Dedicated members have sanded, painted and performed a host of tasks to transform chaos into harmony. Now we’re ready to reopen our gallery and show off our newly renovated space.

And what a celebration it will be! The theme of this May 31-June 24 annual members’ show is “Art in Songs”. Imagine some fourty members interpreting their favourite French songs – in art.

The artists:

  1. André, Thérèse
  2. Aungier, Jacinta
  3. Bennett, Jennifer
  4. Bouffard, Gabriel
  5. Burke, Kevin
  6. Butler, Louise
  7. Collette, Janice
  8. Cormier, Louise
  9. Couture-Luk, Josée
  10. Creskey, Lisa
  11. Dastoornejad, Shabnam
  12. Doherty, Lyle
  13. Dufour, Lise
  14. Fletcher, Katharine
  15. Foehring, Uwe
  16. Gilbert, Raymonde
  17. Hébert, Stéphane
  18. Hierlihy, Deirdre
  19. Johnson, Sayward
  20. Lacroix, Paule
  21. Laprise, Annie
  22. Laroche, Marthe
  23. Laurin, Nicole
  24. Legault, Micheline
  25. Lemire, Diane
  26. Masson, Rebecca
  27. McCubbin, Beth
  28. McLachlan, Reid
  29. Moorehead, Janice
  30. Nitski, Marie-France
  31. Ranger, Hannah
  32. Renaud, Stéphane
  33. Restivo, Rod
  34. Rossignol, Lucie
  35. Ryan, Christiane
  36. Survilla, Joanna          
  37. Sylvestre, Johanne
  38. Thériault, Anne
  39. Trottier, Louisette
  40. Vaillancourt, Jeanne
  41. Walker, Jenny

A tribute to the French song

Come to our May 31 vernissage, 5 p.m. and meet our artists. See how they rendered in paint, multi-media, prints and other genres beloved songs of the Quebec and French répertoires, such as Félix Leclerc’s L’hymne au printemps, Édith Piaf’s La vie en rose, Claude Léveillée’s La légende du cheval blanc, Luc Plamondon’s Le monde est stone, Gilbert Bécaud’s La maison sous les arbres, Auprès de ma blonde, and many others.

Two musical shows not to be missed!

After 6 pm, attend the recital of singer and pianist Noël Samyn who will perform tunes by Brel, Aznavour, Brassens and other great French singers to mark the opening of the exhibition. Then be back on June 21 for the closing show offered by the folk group Le Grand Portage. 

The Old Chelsea Market returns

That’s not all. The Old Chelsea Farmers’ Market re-opens at La Fab on Thursday afternoons until October 11. It’s a natural fit to host our grand re-opening vernissage on the same afternoon as the first Market day as both events encourage us to celebrate spring. This year, market vendors’ have new hours: from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. 

Activities for children

Bring your children to the activities planned for them: crafts, story-telling and games.  Here is the schedule:

  • Friday, June 1st, 10 am-2 pm
  • Sunday, June 3rd, 1pm-5 pm
  • Saturday, June 16, 10 am-2 pm

So be a part of it!

Attend our year’s very first vernissage on May 31. View the art; chat with the artists, enjoy the Market, buy your supper from a vendor, sit and listen to the beautiful French airs sung by our talented performer. 

What better way to celebrate spring, the return of the Old Chelsea Market, and the rebirth of La Fab?