"Siamese Feria" by Anne-Marie Sirois

September 27 to October 21, 2018 

Vernissage: Thursday, September 27, from 5 pm to 8 pm

From September 27 to October 21, 2018, La Fab Arts Centre features New Brunswick artist Anne-Marie Sirois who presents "The Siamese Feria", an exhibition full of creativity and humor that will not fail to make you smile.

Surprisingly, the artist uses smoothing irons as basic material. Each of her works is a technical challenge of manufacture and assembly that requires patience and precision. "This domestic appliance, in particular the old irons made of chrome with elegant and attractive lines, (...) becomes the casing or the basic component of my ideas", explains Anne-Marie.

With titles such as The Cat, Hot Flash, Platform Shoe, Pen-holder, Divorce Present, and Lunchbox, the artist’s creations are both intriguing, amazing and sure to make you smile and even laugh.

"Sometimes humorous, sometimes sarcastic, my ideas come to me spontaneously. I express them without censorship, in a playful way. The assembly of two common objects often becomes a conversation piece, surprising or shocking", says Anne-Marie.

Since the fall of 2016, Anne-Marie Sirois explores the spatial aspect of her work by joining two irons in multiple ways, hence the title of her exhibition which evokes the festive meeting of Siamese elements.

A native of Saint-Basile, New Brunswick, Anne-Marie Sirois has been drawing since childhood. After studying visual arts at the Université de Moncton, she discovered her passion for animated film.  Among other films, she created Maille Maille(1987), Animastress (1994), Josephine (2000) and PSSST (2003). She is also the illustrator and author of four story books: Le Petit Chaperon Mauve (1995), Rose Neige et les six nains (2000), Ma Gribouille tigrée (2006) and Riette l’assiette (2014).  Anne-Marie devotes herself to sculpture by focusing on the technique of assembly. Her book Pourquoi s'en fer / Ironic Irons published in 2010, showcases 118 fun sculptures made from irons. She took part in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Anne-Marie works from her studio at the Aberdeen Cultural Center in Moncton.

Come chat with Anne-Marie Sirois at her vernissage on September 27, 5 pm, and discover her creativity and imagination through some thirty sculptures as fun as original. For a moment, all your troubles will be ironed out.

For more information about the artist, please visit her website at http://www.amsirois.ca.