SKIN by Nathalie Coutou and Iris Kiewiet

Exhibition from October 25 to November 18,2018

VERNISSAGE: Thursday, October 25, 5 pm to 7pm


Two artists from Wakefield, Nathalie Coutou and Iris Kiewiet, combine their talents to present "Skin", an intimate exhibition that offers a perspective of the experiences embracing and honoring those of a gentle nature. 

United by the sorority in their respective life paths, the two women dive into a quest for commonality to create a series of works where prayer becomes light and passage to the sacred. "Regardless of our color, origins or beliefs, we all walk on the skin of our Mother Earth," say the two artists. While civilizations struggle for survival on every continent, the earth is the common ground of those who have kept their relationship with nature. 

Born in Quebec, Nathalie Coutou is a Métis of the Mi'kmaq Nation. For her, the arts are a way to evoke and honor the beauty of her cultural heritage. She holds a degree from the Cégep du Vieux Montreal, and expresses herself through watercolor and painting. She paints on various surfaces such as leather, canvas and clothing. Founder of the KHEWA Fair Trade Shop, she promotes Aboriginal artists from across Canada. 

Native from the Netherlands, Iris Kiewiet uses creativity to express the divine feminine and to connect with her tribe through the heart. After a career as an illustrator in her home country, she came to Canada to explore how the landscape would influence her art. Her artist practice consists of acrylic painting and drawing. Her interest for creative work in communities brought her to FAS, Farrellton Artist Space, Quebec. She is the current president of the artist coop, dedicated to the production and development of Arts and Culture in the Outaouais and beyond. 

Do not miss the exhibition of these two artists who join their West European and North American roots in a layered show that gets under your skin. Come chat with them at their opening on Thursday, October 25, from 5 pm to 7 pm.